Leo Haslam sketchbook

hey hey. been a member on here for a while now and thought it’s about time I start a sketchbook. my main reason for doing this is to motivate myself to keep the work coming and improve my skills. i’m not a profesional but i’d like to be, at the moment its just a hobby. i cant afford an education and i’ve taught myself from scratch so i would really appreatiate lots of constructive criticism to help me along the way. right i think i’ve rambled on enough now so here it is. enjoy :smiley:

first doodle with the awesome new zsketch feature. i call it
“man-machine-spider-scorpion”. how inventive lol

[mmts 3qu.jpg](javascript:zb_insimg(‘160869’,‘final%20face%20resize.jpg’,1,0))


mmts side.jpg


final face resize.jpg

bad assed man! I too am not a professional artist, although I’ve been drawing and sculpting all my life. I’m very impressed with all the work on here, and it motivates me when people upload their workflows and tutorials. It helps me to aspire for better things ya know?
Anyway, again you have beautiful work there.
Did you use a skeleton mock up for your scorpian creature?

cheers dude, much appreciated. yeh me too, i’ve been drawing and sculpting for as long as i can remember but until 2 years ago i had no idea that you could sculpt with a computor program. zbrush has really turned my life around creatively.
the scorpion thing was just made with zspheres. i was originaly going to make a spider so i started out with the armature for the spider body and legs and then used zsketch to start building up the form. eventualy i whent a bit futher with the armature and added the human body and the tail. heres a picture of the armature withe the zsketch ghosted out. once again thanks for the kind comments :+1:

3/4 angle

[mmts skel ghost cutom angle.jpg](javascript:zb_insimg(‘160941’,‘mmts%20skel%20ghost%20bottom.jpg’,1,0))


mmts skel ghost side.jpg

mmts skel ghost bottom.jpg

another quiky


i really like this last one,
looks great:)

LeoAMD: I like your scorpion hybrid, has a nice contour, some zsketch parts that flow very nicely. The second “alien” zsketch looks very cool, like the head especially. Keep on posting like to see more of your zsketch’s and what you with the hard surface brushes. :+1:<input id=“gwProxy” type=“hidden”><!–Session data–><input onclick=“jsCall();” id=“jsProxy” type=“hidden”>

cheers guys. heres a concept of what i am working on at the mo. had this idea a while ago but have only just started work on it.



nice man. I like the scorpion guy and the second one even more.

looking forward to see this new concept come to life. looks promising, especially if you can get the feeling of motion that the sketch has.

heres where the soldier is at the mo. modeled in 3ds max.

[doomed soldier.jpg]

havnt posted in a while, been to busy. heres somthing that i started today.

[mega zombie work in progress.jpg]

:+1: DUDE YOUR AMAZING!!! youve got some talent :+1: killa zombie by the way

Thanks E-kG. Heres the final image.

[mega zombie resized.jpg](javascript:zb_insimg(‘175004’,‘mega%20zombie%20resized.jpg’,1,0))

Nice texturing. It was polypainted or done in Photoshop?

cheers man. it was both. i just watched scott pattons new video from the gnomonworkshop and got some really good tips on polly painting in zbrush and then enhancing it in photoshop. i had loads of fun doing this

Dude, that’s a pretty nice zombie~!
Love the texturing…but how did u make the individual fibers/hair on the body? done in ZBrush or another 3D app?

Btw, there is something annoyed me looking at that image…the ear is missing…but heck its a zombie hehe;)


yea I also got those new videos they are awesome. Good work

hockey14: cheers dude. yeh they are awesome
Revel: cheers man. yeh I left the ears out because it felt right at the time and because i was being a bit lazy:D I did the hair in photoshop.

so anyway heres what i’ve been doing for the last few days. i’m lucky because i work back stage in a theatre and for most of the day i get payed to sit around doing nothing wich allows me to get on with some zbrushing. I hope to get this guy done by the end of the week. here he is so far…

Mutant Sniper!!


That Zombie looks awesome dude. Was the hairs also “painted” in photoshop?

That guy looks nice but how come he is a sniper if he is blind?

That’s exactly what I’m thinking when I’m looking that character, which make me curious how hes going to relate the sniper and a blind character.
Looking forward for your next post! :slight_smile:

*its funny 'cus currently I’m also developing my sniper character, which is 180 degrees different personality with this guy lol