Lemur dragon

Hi guys, another dragon family member here :slight_smile:

Another color version


Excellent Maria :wink:

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Wow :flushed:, another stunning artwork :ok_hand:!

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Aww…that’s a very cute dragon! :+1:

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Lovely =) Thanks for sharing!


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His pose and expression, even without a face, is amazing! makes me really wanna start doing anatomy studies! Did you draw it before sculpting? or did you concept fully in zbrush?

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Beautiful! Loved the sculpt and the renders!!

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Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

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Wow! This amazing Lemur. We need a wallpaper size render. I am digging this!

Incredible work really !

Is crazy how these great artist have time to post their work but lots of them never have time to answer a simple question.

:dragon: Great design and details! :dragon:

Thank you very much! I started it form a simple sketch but went away from it during sculpting

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Cute dragon.

Your style is so distinctive. I knew it was one of yours the moment I saw it. Great work as always!


Love your work! Great style

Very nicely done combination. that works well together…
(People do not realize hwo difficult that can be).

Keep up the good work and may you have lots of success.