Lee Sin Oner _ Skt T1

Hello everyone, this is BH3D coming to you another day, showing another
3D modeling/3D printing work!
Today, we are here to show you the 3D sculpting and printing
of SKT T1 Player Oner!

Lee Sin Oner _ Skt T1

SKT T1 Oner, was a jungler, he is fierce with his ganking skills with lee sin champion, very calculative when it comes to counter-ganking and ganking other lanes!
As we discuss the details of the character we will discuss some details, with the modeling!

3D modeling

the modeling was done in a manner where we focused on the character’s details, this is where real-life modeling and details of the character modeling unite to build a fictional character/OC.

With and without mask

360 View of the model!!

God fist leesin skin was used for the basic details for the modeling, as we try to combine both attributes to make the modeling work.
Flame particles, armor details, items of clothing, and the person mixed in harmony to make this model!

Work in progress for the painting

As we finish, the 3D modeling department, we skip over to the coloring details and 3D printing part!
27 32 05
3D printing was done, and polished to make the modeling complete, the flame particle was made from duplicating
resin mold to pour in and out clear resins to make the flames clear and seethrough in order to make the flame look more real.

Finished model

T1_16 T1_19 T1_17 T1_26
other details of the models, like the clothing and the skins, were done skillfully by our artists!

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