Hello everyone,
I’ve done this project in my spare time to challenge myself in creating a realistic character and capturing likeness. I hope you like it!



really cool :wink:

That is really good hair. Hair Farm? Yeti? I’ve been playing with fibermesh and have found it… frustrating.

Excellent likeness! Great first post! I could immediately tell who it was from the thumbnail on the front page. :+1:

@FC3D, Thank you! :wink:

@rad66203, Thanks Dude! I’ve directly used fibermesh.

@Webhead, Thanks a lot man…

Love it. Really good job on the likeness.

Thank you vlad74,
some wip images


killer work !

A new render.

Very good likeness, nice Work!

Wow. Great job.

Nice .:+1:

Good. I love this actor

Nice as always Haji :D:+1:

@Peter Folke, Thank you Peter!
@joe_lert,Thank you Joe!
@HoOman, Thank you Hooman!
@CG faun , Thank you CG faun! I love him too;)
@mr_max ,Thanks dude! ma mokhlesim:D:+1: