Lebron James

Hi everyone, long time no post only saw and enjoyed others :slight_smile:
Here is one of my latest sculpts, Lebron James from my point of view. I love NBA and really want to sculpt something related to.
It was tough to choose one from many talent players. For Lebron, after what he did in the London 2012 Olympic Games, he’s in! plus I think sculpting his face kinda fun!
I use ZBrush for modeling, texturing, and rendering. Photoshop is for compositing. I hope you guys enjoy this portrait piece :slight_smile:








Hey Maytiporn I’m a huge NBA fan too! Pretty sweet model man!!! Great job! Plan on doing any other NBA players?

Thank you!!! To do more? Yes! but again, there are so many choices to choose. What do you think?

man this looks amazing! im doing faces too, yo can try on doing white nba players like gasol or nash!! congratulations from an nba fan !!!

Really great job on this. I vote for David Robinson (yes, I know he’s retired) or Tim Duncan. As you may have guessed, I’m from San Antonio. :))


EZRA52 - Thank you, I definitely want to do some legendary NBA players too. David Robinson, that’s a good pick :+1:

edorz - Thank you, Nash is also one of my favorite players. Hopefully, he will shine again this season!

Perfect! I vote kobe bryant and dwyane wade!!