Lazy mode

Decided to color few sculpts and render them out in Toolbag 2. Now this stuff is total lazy mode. By that I mean polypainted > decimated/remeshed > auto-uved in Zbrush and then generated some normal maps. Basically the idea was to render some painted sculpts with lowest ammount of work I could get away with.

Now I did overlay some dirt /rock scans in Photoshop to dirty textures up but the actual texture painting was done in Zbrush mostly using cavity masking. Photoshop work basically was drag and drop of dirt and color correction of textures.

Source models are 18 million for head, and 4 million for the other two. They all were started couple of years ago and were decaying on my HDD. Final models are few hundred K. The two animals use slight displacement however for the head I noticed that few hundred k decimate + normal map makes displacement pointless.

Renders themselves are purely from TB2. I did color correction there using built in curves and then scaled it all down from higher resolution.




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Those are some of the most beautifully colorful models I’ve ever seen. :slight_smile:

So disgusting I love them! Great job on the coloring! I remember seeing the creature in another one of your threads, totally blown away by your awesome use of wrinkly skin and detailing! they look great in color! you certainly achieved some nice results for being so “lazy” nice one :smiley:

So very original!

Lazy or not, this is amazing! Great works and textures :smiley: Keep it up!

VERY cool work!

" Lazy mode "

The Lazy work of some is the dream work of others. Great stuff congrats on Top Row.

love this art style

Very nice sculpt, awesome colors.
Looks great!

Greta models but i hate the renders
too uniform,too many highlights on every material, too much bloom
this is especially obvious on the head, where the teeth are as shiny and as bright as rest of body making them hard to find and golden trinkets are as shiny as the skin

still love the sculpt detail, really crazy

Teach us Senpai!

Funky-cool-amazing work!!! Love the forms and color choices you have made. Your work seems like a very right-brained-improvisational approach. Awesome!!!

I really, really like this style, bookmarked.

…revival! :smiley:

Great sculpts! Love the organic quality, and also how “loose” and textural they feel.


Whoa awesome!

It’s fearful !! Colorful sculpts are awesome.I like lazy mood. Keep it up.

wow buddy, love those twisted designs, so well done! the anatomy of the monster looks impressive too, amazing job!:+1: