Laughin´in the rain!

This is a very important project for me. The original idea came up back in 2011, after watching “Singin´in the rain” for the third time :slight_smile: I Started working in it but have to left it unfinished to work on other projects. After so many years and a lot of studying and practising, I decided to finish it… here is the result.
You can see a comparision between the first and the last version at the bottom of the post!
Hope you like it!

Zbrush1 Zbrush2 Zbrush3 Zbrush4 Zbrush5 Zbrush6 Zbrush7 Zbrush8


9years of improvement! :slight_smile: looks great.
would like to see your work in the 9year from now too lol
keep it up!

Pixo_Daisuke, thank you!!!

Amazing sculpt. Such a great example of your growth. Congrats on your evolution in sculpting.

Wow! Thank you Paul! Means a lot coming from you! Thank you!

Awesome project and presentation! Great job! Why so serious?

Thank you Alex!

Thank you all for the feedback!

I´ve made an animated timelapse of this piece!
Hope you like it!
Front_Timelapse Side_Timelapse

Love a good Joker piece! Great pose and work on the costume!