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Hi folks, I’ve been absent for a couple months - just moved across country (with the wife and dogs) to LA so I can study at Gnomon with all the greats! I unpacked my computers and started in again on the Zbrush. Here’s something I’ve been working on for the past couple nights. Its based on a photo by Steve McCurry from his Portraits book. Its not perfect (espescially the lighting) but I’m ready to move on to something else. I would appreciate comments.

The hair was done in Photoshop, I’m not pleased with it but, well, there it is!






wow! That is really really good! Keep up the good work!

wow. this is very nice work. He looks pretty realistic!
Maybe his eyes and hair should be different, but…still very nice work.

Try this picasso tutorial to learn more about painting hair.

Don’t refound it in the cool site of Steve McCurry :cool: (Maybe in Kowait just after the end of the war or in Tibet ? )
His most famous photo ! (and story :eek:

I found the Picasso Tutorial very helpful for the skin on this one. However my version of Zbrush on my machine has some bugs with the Deco brush. So doing the hair in Zbrush has been frustrating. The Deco brush just stops working after 20 strokes or so and no matter what I do with the settings it won’t come back. I have to restart Zbrush to get it going again and sometimes even that doesn’t work. It might be my Wacom Tablet. Very strange. Anyone else experience this?


Follow the arrow to find a good hunter…
My grandfather who lived in the moutains here in the Netherlands, always said this, or I did:-)

yes Kellerrific… i experiment this bug ,but with bump brush tool :evil: :mad:
(mi english is verybad)


a couple of the brushes are offenders like that…known bugs that will hopefully be fixed in next version. I recommend Svengali’s Psnap plugin to save the tool and pic often and if you have a pattern to go by…save after every 16th stroke in case of crash so you won’t have to start over…

yeah frustrating but if curious about experimenting…an alternative way to go I guess.

anyways the link to Psnap is in my signature below.

I’ll give the Psnap plug-in a try. Here’s another in this series, again based on a photo from McCurry’s portrait book. I lost the resemblance a little but I was OK with the final product. I’m just trying to churn these images out.





Words fail, the thumbnail alone is fantastic.
All I can really say is go away, jealousy exudes from
every pore.:smiley:
Best of luck at the new joint.
It would appear the trip was worth it.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :+1: :+1: :+1:
Excelente Amigo

Yeah, she does have the small mouth and the sneer of The King. “A little less conversation, a little more falaffel?”


Here is a third. This one suffers a little from that CG wax dummy look. Its all about the eyes I guess. She may be wearing too much lip gloss for work in the field too ;). Har was redone in Photoshop, the eyes were touched up a little as well.







Looking good!! Keep going!!!

Amazing character work, Kell. A lot of personality in these images. And yes, I
get the same bloody deco brush bug. I usually have to restart to get it to work. And yes, it doesn’t always work either…:cry: Now I’m getting sparkles in certain textures…So annoying…Either way, I really like your work a lot…:smiley:


You make a good case for using photo reference – so much personality we’d never just imagine! I love how far you’re able to push the asymetrical aspects without losing sight of the character.

I like this serie of portraits very much…are you going for the entire tour of : “portraits from people all over the planet " ? … or are you planning to make the mandatory " evil alien zombie-gnome” for your next picture !:wink:


Thanks for the compliments Dickie, Ctrl-Z, and all. Dicke - your stuff is pretty freakin’ cooll, I’d like to investigate your techniques for creating skin textures and lighting.

It’s interesting how much of a difference posting your work makes, much like performing music in fromt of an audience as opposed to just by yourself, you REALLY start to notice the flaws that might nor otherwise see. I guess it’s a side effect of the self conciousness that comes with exposing yourself (cough cough) through your work.

My goal right now is just to churn one of these out right after another until they start to look alive (and I can rely on Photoshop less and less). Practice makes perfect! I olnly picked McCurry because I had the book as a drawing reference and his photography and lighting is so interesting. I’d like to develop interesting looking characters and it helps to study interesting looking people. Finally, their expressions are subtle and hard to capture, makes for a good challenge.

Jantim- These are all very well disguised evil alien zombies. :wink: