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I’ve noticed that when uploading a new image to a thread, the thread moves up in the main gallery overview as usual, but it shows the first image of the thread, not the most recent posted. Is this by design to encourage people to make new threads for new creations, or a bug, or am I the only one experiencing this? :thinking:

This is by design. The new ZBC moves away from the concept of sketchbooks and mega threads. It is focused on individual projects.

The new features elsewhere in the system make it very easy for users to follow your artwork and also see all of your various projects. It also makes it easy for them to share the works that they really like, bookmark them, etc. None of that works well with sketchbook threads but works great on a project based system.

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Excellent, thanks, good to know! In fact, is the new design philosophy behind the new forums actually posted somewhere? Or perhaps something to post? It might help readjusting on things like making sketchbooks :wink:
It does look great and has a nice modern feel to it, that’s for sure!


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Additional thought on the way main gallery works right now though:
The idea of having threads move to the top of a forum stems from having “living threads”: discussion threads where people might want to know that there is new content, including means to quickly get to that content (such as “view first unread”), a format very suitable for sketchbook threads.

The new forum format here is to encourage fresh threads for fresh artworks. Sounds great, but currently posting new work in old threads still bumps them up, despite them featured with the first artwork (sometimes years old).
This mix of opposing formats seems a bit messy. Why not either have threads fixed on a timeline (no bumping up) or stick to updating a thread cover image when they bump up in the latest list? Feels like this new format choice lacks a bit of follow-through :wink:

We are looking into ways to handle using the newest image when it’s a sketchbook-type thread. It sounds simple, but from a coding standpoint it’s actually quite difficult due to the engine that is being used here. But we definitely are looking into what is possible. :slight_smile:

Oh yes, I can only imagine how much work this overhaul must be! Good job on having the forums only be offline so briefly and getting things up running rather smoothly right away! :clap: