"Last One" (WIP)

Hi! This is a personal work I’ve done during my free time, for fun and practice, starting as an improvised speed sculpt (Demon ‘s face only), then the whole final idea came as I was going on. And so I kept going.
It’s still Work In Progress, but I’d love to get some constructive feedbacks as I’ve worked so much on this one the past few days (and night mostly), I can’t really tell anymore, and I need a break anyway! :smiley:
This render was done in Maya with the decimated low details exported meshes from Zbrush, with only one simple Vray skin shader applied to all (no normal nor displacement map yet, no texture at all.). Next step would be texturing with Mari, but I might have a few fixes and may be add a little extra details in Zbrush first, so feel free to tell me your thoughts about this scene. Hope you’ll like it, and thanks for the comments!