Largemouth Bass

Hey guy’s I been messing around with zbrush/3ds max. I have done most of the modeling in zbrush and texturing within 3ds max and plus this render. I’m looking to do more detail such as for the lips and plus the gills. I believe that I need a tablet pen to get the mouth detailed just right cause of the pressure points that the pen and tablet can provide. With that sensitive stroking as you would with a pencil or paint brush. Hope to have my pen tablet ordered next month. Anyways here’s what I made. Let me know what you all think. Thanks.

bass render_resized.jpgbass render_resized.jpg

well it’s hard to say anything, for me it looks like a sketch from old fashioned books about fishes that had hand painted sketches :wink: can’t see any details here.

Hello, Sorry I didn’t have many renders and was still working on the fins.

Here’s a couple more images.

angel view.jpgside view.jpg

so in that case it’s look surprisingly well. Definitely better than all fishing games that I have ever played.