Lara Croft

Well here’s my reimagining of the gaming icon, Lara Croft! This one is based on the Tomb Raider Underworld version, and of course I wanted to add my own style to her which generally means “enthickening” everything and adding more cartooniness to the proportions.

Originally I was going to have her with an assault rifle or something and call her “Tank Lara”, but in the end I wanted to keep her more true to the character. :slight_smile: I had loads of fun on this one, all the textures, displacements and wetness maps etc are done with polypaint in Zbrush, and she’s rendered in V-ray for Max.


Cool fanart really like the “enthickening” :wink: i think it was a good decision to keep her true to the character :+1: i can totally see this in Underworld remake/remaster.


Thankyou man! Yeah I loved that game :smiley: would be great!

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Great work!

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Good sculpting nice. I personally think Lara croft should have small boobs and more muscular as a hero kind of character makes her look stronger and more athletic needed for the character. Of Lara croft Tell me what you think :innocent:

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Awesome take on a newly revisited Lara Croft, I like that :wink:

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woow.This is my taste.Best lara Ever!!!

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Thankyou guys :slight_smile:

Turned out awesome @DocZenith, thanks for sharing another on ZBC!

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Digging the classic look on the “Underground” spin. Good amount of curves too,
honestly speaking. :wink: