LANI ( Female Model, in dark lingerie -slight nudity)

Hi guys,

This is the first time I have ever posted here. I have just finished my own tutorial on this female character that I made. For this character Zbrush 3 can in very handy, ZBRUSH 3 is amazing it can do so much and in so little time! Thank you pixologic for a brilliant program!

Shot at 2007-07-22

Shot at 2007-07-22

Well I would love to know your crits on this model. It was all sculpted in Zbrush 3, main parts made in Lightwave and rendered in Lightwave using FPRIME.

There is such wonderful work here.


I N F I N I T Elani1cr7.jpglani1zbrushik0.jpgZBC_THUMB.jpg


Wait, is the top image a render or a photo you’re basing your model off of? Cause if the top one’s a render, then this is definately top row work. If so, you you post a closer view that captures some more of the detail?

Now come on DM - you can see that it is a picture dot you :wink: But anyways nice modeling!

The butt is wrong, at least from the rear. Too square. But otherwise, killer work!

Hy Guys,

Thanks for the replies, no it’s no photo it’s a pure render from FPRIME out of Lightwave9. The hair was rendered using a plugin called Fiber Factory IV by Jon Tindall. Many hours were spent in Zbrush 3. The subtool helped so much



Damn nice. Been watching your thread on cgtalk. Excellent stuff. Did you manage to do the hair in 3d or is it a paint over in photoshop?

Love the pose by the way. This is your best so far I think.


amazing render! i thought it was reference at first. :o only thing is there is so much empty space, maybe you should zoom in a bit for a nicer comp.

The head seems to be so photorealistic… :roll_eyes: Could you post a close up of it plz?
Thx and beautiful job.

Your works are so realistic and so is this piece, fantastic! :+1:

:grimacing: beautiful job.

Wow :grimacing: :grimacing: This is really great!!!

…reality! :sunglasses:

I don’t think words can describe, the brilliance of this piece. It’s flawless from what i Can see!!! One of the most photorealistic renders I’ve seen. Tou’ve captured the mood, pose, and texture spot on.

Fantastic work well done.:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

One of the most realistic renders Ive ever seen.*****

looking pretty good.

I’m a bit skeptical (sorry if i’m wrong) but the wrinkles don’t match up in the clothing from your clay sculpt to your render.

If I’m wrong I appoligize, it’s damn amazing work.

brettSinclair:Thanks so much Brett, very kind words. The hair is all 3D. hair poly chains made from max 9 using HAIR FX 9 and rendered in LW standard render using Jon Tindalls Fiber Factory IV : )

CoryCosper: I see what you mean, but this image is based of where the model was originaly shot against a white background. I found it quite stricking when I finally upt the contrast, so I stuck with it.

GAIA: I am at work atm but I will post a close up of the face later tonight, it doesnt look as good closeup but keep checking back for a high res version.

Black Crane, zszs, SolidSnakexxx,Frenchy Pilou, panstar, vlad74. Wow such encouragement and great words thankyou guys. Very friendly bunch here at Zbrsuh Central.

EvilSmiley: Hey dude, I understand if you are abit sceptical about the piece. Trust me they are the same. I have made a video tutorial on my site at www.infinite-tutorials.com it shoes the whole process from start to finish.

Thanks again guys. I am so glad you like the work.



I’m a big fan of your work! (found you on cgtalk) I don’t know how you do it, even when I see you do it! I love your lighting on your models.

Great stuff like always! TOP ROW FOR SURE!

Please post more of your work!


Actually they do line up pretty closely, but I’d like to see some different rendered angles…just cause I think the model deserves it!

After seeing the second pics I went back and had another look at the first. I really had to look hard before finding some tiny things in the face that allowed me to pick it as a render. But if I wasn’t looking for it, and looking hard I wouldn’t have even considered it was anything but a really nice professional shot, beautifully composed by a talented photographer.

…gettin’ spooky ain’t it? We’re at the point where photos can no longer be used as proof of anything, we can no longer believe our eyes.

But for CG, absolute photographic realism is the thing that had to be achieved. Not as an end, mind you, but as a beginning. It is only now that photorealism can be achieved in 3D, that we can go beyond it and see the birth of true fine art in this medium.

The medium, the artists, the ability of artists to communicate and share ideas, the ability of the Internet to facilitate this on a global level, and the evolution of the right tools - Z3 being the apex of these - has allowed the birth of a new movement in fine art. Digital art has been around for more than a decade, but has never been seen as a true medium for fine art as it had no real characteristics of its own.

Over the next few years we lucky few are going to witness and partake in a great fine art movement, the like of which has not been seen since the Impressionists. It is only a matter of whether we have got the ideas, the originality, and the inspiration. From where I’m standing it looks pretty darn good, and this ability for the least of us to communicate with the best in places like this could make it the worlds first truly global art movement.

Fantastic work 8! You’ve produced one of the defining images of this period in digital art…Congrats!
:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

I have to admit, I spent a bit thinking the first image was a reference photo, too. What finally gave it away for me was actually the elbow bends. Amazing work, and thank you for sharing!