Lady in the wind

I learnt a great deal of human anatomy in motion with this piece. The shoulder area and the legs are specially challenging. I added in poly hair to create a more feminine and romantic mood. The texture of the hair card are baked from fibremesh in Zbrush. I will post more images of this work and I hope you like it.










This is really brilliant work, so dynamic. Her anatomy for this pose is spot on, such beautiful forms.
Thanks for the follow up on her hair break down, I was wondering how you achieved it.

Powerful stuff Jeanise, as are all of your works :+1:

Cheers & have a fantastic day :]

Thank you very much for your breakdown.
Your work is excellent and do not deserve to be uncommented!



I got some feedback from my lead Dan Crossland so I updated it. I tried to reduced the gradient band ( CS5) but this is as best as I can get it, I wonder how do you guys deal with this problem. I followed the steps here
I also make the dust effect a bit more subtle so it is less distracting. Hope they look better now.

Very nice work!

This is awesome, congrats for the top row.

looking really nice, i like the body gesture :+1:

Really like it, solid work. How did you make the hair curve/spiral like this? Thanks.

Very Beautiful!

thanks a lot guys:)
> portgas: I masked out the area and used move/rotate/ scale tool to twist it. nothing fancy really :slight_smile:

Beautiful capture of the human form in all it’s dynamic glory! lovely anatomy!

Interesting approach to creating the hair on a plane using Fibermesh… how did you manage to get the hair to stay on the plane… this is an often very difficult part for me when I am creating hair for games… phenomenal work

Great anatomy and pose!

Excellent work! :+1:

nice work. do you do commissions?

Fantastic work … and thank you very much for the hint with baking fibermesh. :+1:

Awesome work !

Hey could you elaborate on the baking process . im a bit new to this fibermesh baking

perfect hair . great job :+1: