La Guerra de las Risas

Este nuevo cuento lo estamos haciendo Javier Requena y yo en colaboración, mientras practicamos con ZBrus3. Iremos poniendo los personajes y las ilustraciones conforme las vayamos haciendo.


Sorry, but my spanish is very bad. Really funny character, think you nailed him pretty well! :+1:
One remark: the skinshader isn’t working for me, it’s a bit soft and white at the edges. Maybe a more cartoony skin look?

Más personajes…

General 1.jpg




General 2.jpg

very very cute…can’t wait for a fully composed scene out of these models :slight_smile:

tiene una pinta genial :+1:

Un tanquecito…

Por supuesto, todo está modelado y montado con ZBrush 3.


Very nice style, nice job on those clouds and trees! Cool plane and character!

Ahora si que es facil pintar la textura…



No habla espaniol. :o

But I will say this…

Style = :+1:
Models = :+1:
Texture = :+1:

Keep it up!

so awesome like the style cant wait for you to put all this in a scene =)

Otro tanque…


Great work. :+1:

I never knew war could look this cute.
Lovely work my friend

It seems to me that sometimes there is a lack of talent in our “digital art” world and WE focus too much trying to improve our technical skills , playing with our new toys, learning new things or subdividing to infinite to add a microscopic wrinkle to our model… I can see real talent behind Rafael work and when I see his creations I just like them ; I m not wondering about the technique.


great work that reminds me of the old amiga game cannon fodder! That truly was a classic!!

Simpáticos personajes!!
No obstante para los tanques y objetos, no quedaría mejor que estuviesen un poco deformados (no tan rígidos)??..

Very nice, and funny.:smiley:
Great Work. :+1:

with this little soldat in a videogame.:wink:

Una ciudad…

animastur, lo de las deformaciones lo haremos después, en cada ilustración que proceda y en la animación.