[KURV DVD] Get into ZBrush Vol 2 'Sculpting, Texturing & Rendering' (Kurv Studios)

Available to Buy as either Direct Download or DVD hard Copy


Running Time: over 6 hours More info and samples: [Link](http://www.kurvstudios.com/zbrush/get_into_zbrush_volII.php) Price: $44.95 For a limited time vol's 1 & 2 are available together for the price of$ 67.43

(Download version is identical to the DVD version except that no extras are included.)

Vol 2 of get into Zbrush takes you through a complete character from an empty ZBrush canvas to the final texturing phase. He explains every step of the way both ‘why’ as well as ‘how’ things are done to give you enough confidence to tackle your own characters in Zbrush.

With insights into the creative mind during the design and sculpting process this DVD will prove invaluable to Zbrush users. This DVD is from start to end ZBrush. No external applications are used to help get you completely comfortable with using ZBrush in preparation for future volumes of ‘Get Into ZBrush’. This 6 1/2 hour video covers more advanced features of the ZBrush toolset including HD Geometry, with the final sculpt being just shy of 40 million (with no slow down.) Topics covered in this DVD include: Interface customisation for a better sculpting experience Creating a controlled Zsphere character base. Which brushes to use to start off your sculpting. Sculpting the basic forms Refining every part of the body Character design on the fly and why decisions are made Using the Zproject brush to save you a lot of time This includes sculpting every part of the Oranguman’s body at both normal and HD level Using mesh extract to create new accessories Texturing the Oranguman and some simple texture painting theory Posing the final character sculpt. The video samples should be up in a day or two at the outside. :) OK volume 2 is available now for hard dvd copy and direct download as is Volume 1 for those that wish to buy and watch them straight away. Download copies do not hav the extras though, so thats down to the users judgement call. Enjoy. Wayne...

congrats wayne will be looking forward to learning a few things from these thanks again buddy.

Ah! I want both of these badly but I’m desperatly trying to save up for my new pc!!!

Chicken and egg I suppose, I need the pc before i can use the advanced techniques in the DVD’s, but need something to keep me excited and educated until I get the money for the pc!


Anyway, as soon as I can I WILL be investing in these darth. :+1:

Thanx Kurv!

Congratulations DarthWayne! :sunglasses: :+1:

Thanks for the comments guys. :slight_smile: Now I get a short rest before on with some more ZBrush dvd’s , articals etc…:slight_smile: (gonna be a very busy few months)



Hey Wayne,

I am a traditional sculptor who works in the toy and collectable market and I am currently learning Zbrush. I wanted to say thanks so much for your dvds, they are fantastic! Great dvd design/navigation and your narration and teaching is clear and concise. I have all the ones you have done and I ordered your newest one last week. Soon as I received the email from Kurv announcing it I knew I had to get it asap! It should be here this week and I cant wait!

I am still fresh to Zbrush but thanks to your dvds I am making great strides in my learning. I am floored by the work I see on this forum and I hope I can soon achieve the skills necessary so I can also sculpt some awesome Zbrush creations. Im including a pic of one of my first Zbrush projects Im working on. Just a generic alien. I still have lots to learn but I think I’m slowly getting the hang of it. Hope you like it.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the kind words John and I’m glad you found the 1st DVD useful. Its always rewarding to see what someone has produced as a result. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have a Job I’d kill for myself, I’m confident that it wont take you long to start to implement those trad sculpting skills into ZBrush. The stuff on Volume 2 will certainly help with that (along with practice of course.)

Good luck and thanks for the good review. :smiley:


hi there,your dvds seem to be exactly what i need,i have just got zbrush,but being on a mac,i’m stuck with zb2 atm…
will i stiil be able to follow the tutorials?


In volume 1 I cover the whole interface and toolset, so yes you could follow along easily. Althouhg obviously you’ll get much more out of it once the mac version is out. (I think someone mentioned about the new year???) Volume 2 is a project disk and you can follow along bareing in mind I use a combination of the old and new brushes. Also once I go to HD geometry at the latter part ofteh DVD you couldn’t follow along with that bit in V2.

Hopefully that helps if you need further clarifitaion let me know. :slight_smile:


thanks,Just being able to get started with the interface and tools would be great:lol: So volume 1 seems like a good base for me,then if i’m lucky the mac version 3 will be out,in time for me to start on volume 2


Hi, I’d like to buy these dvds in downloadable way, but I have trouble with my credit card, your site (kurv’s site) tells me I have a not valid card, but it had worked with other sites.
What’s wrong ?
Do you support Visa Electron ?
There’s a coupon for a discount ?
Please, answer soon, I have just holydays to study !!! :smiley:
Thanks in advance.

[QUOTE=DarthWayne]I think someone mentioned about the new year???)

Who, who…?I hope it’s someone of the great Pixologic Team!!! :lol:

We also take PayPal as well… the issue with the credit card ‘could be’ if your bank does not support address verification.

Let me know so we can help :slight_smile:

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Ok, done it !!!
Finally I have purchased your dvds by PayPal, good speed in downloading.
I can’t wait to start your lessons.

Baz: Aurick mentioned a little while back here on ZBC ‘unofficially’ if memory serves correctly. (If it doesn’t then I’m in the doggy doo doo lol) Anything else I am told in confidence about ZBrush has to stay a state secret. Not that I’ve heard a thing about the mac release anyway as i don’t own a mac. :slight_smile:

thedust: I’m glad you got it cleared up for you. I hope you find the DVD’s informative to you. If there is anything you or anyone else would like to see covered later in the series do not hesitate to say and I’ll do my best to include it once time allows


I have both these videos and they are FANTASTIC!

Thanks a lot to both Wayne and the Kurv Crew for these…

BTW- Wayne where can I get the “Toxic_Papa_Wax” material I noticed in your video? I use that wax in real life (Made by my friend Ralph “Toxic Papa” Cordero)… that would be too cool to use in Z3.

Did you MatCap it yourself?

Thanks again!



Thats awesome, really glad you like the videos :slight_smile:

Thanks I’m glad you liked them, sorry for to being able to reply sooner but I’ve been away working for the past month. That matcap was one I found here at ZBC somewhere a while back (It may well have been in the matcap thread), so no it wasn’t one of mine. I keep a selection of matcaps both those of my own and ones I am currenty using in my start up folder for materials to save me time. I think in one of the DVD’s I did touch on who did some of the matcaps if memory serves correctly.

(Incidentally my current start up selection is about 80% different lol). I’m a big beliver that if something works well, there’s no need to change it. So if a matcap is a good one, then there’s no point re-inventing the wheel. There have been some truely astounding matcaps gave away here on ZBC by ZBrush users, so I’d recommend having a look about for them.


toxic mat:

wayne, are you doing a 3rd dvd on rendering, cause in the description for the second one it doesnt seem to touch on that.