[KURV DVD] Get into ZBrush Vol 1 'Total ZBrush' (3.1)


Some subjects covered include: Detailed Navigation and Interface features Types of brushes and what each and every brush does in detail The brush options menu in detail Every single menu in Zbrush 3.1 covered and explained Zspheres in depth and how to create a human Zsphere generated mesh Mesh Extraction Generating and using MATCAP materials Using action lines for posing Posing using a Zsphere rig The different ways of inserting meshes Complete customisation of Zbrush 3.1 to your liking Custom quick menus Multi Displacement V3 Zmapper and normal map creation covered in depth Normal map generation from arbitrary meshes Retopologising in Zbrush Using a matcap and colour map to export what you see to an external application Some of the extras include Numerous exclusive MATCAP materials by the author Wayne’s Custom Zbrush interface layout and quick panels Also contains a lot of videos to give you some grounding in sculpting for the next DVD in the series released very soon. ‘Get into ZBrush 3.1 Volume 1’ takes you ‘from the ground up’ covering every feature of ZBrush 3.1. It doesn’t assume any knowledge and provides insights into how and why everything works. This isn’t a ‘project disk’ as Volume 2 is, but rather a workflow DVD. That is to say the whole point of this disk is to get the viewer as comfortable as they can with ZBrush in a very short time. Treated in a similar fashion to Glen Southern’s now legendary ‘Get into ZBrush’, this DVD takes you step by step through the whole of ZBrush concisely, clearly and in an easy to understand friendly way. New features such as Zmapper are covered very deeply. This DVD won’t leave you feeling unsure ever again about Zbrush 3.1. Volume 2 of ‘Get into ZBrush’ will be released in a few days time and is a much longer ‘project’ DVD running at over 9 hours in length. The reason for a staggered release is to give us time to provide the best quality DVD’s possible. ‘Total ZBrush’ (Volume 1) is aimed at those who feel that there are areas of knowledge they lack about ZBrush 3.1 or its tools, and those totally new to the world of Zbrush. This DVD goes into detail for each tool and makes sure the ZBrush user will have no problem following subsequent DVD’s in the series. Information concerning ‘Get into ZBrush Volume 2: “Oranguman”’ will be released in a few days time. Both I and Kurv would like to thank Pixologic for their support and especially Ryan for keeping this series secret until now and the support they have shown. We’ve worked hard for some time now this series and value the amazing help, advice and support Pixologic have shown. There will be other ZBrush DVD’s from Kurv and myself outside of this series on self contained areas that are considered ‘specialist’ and will act as companions to this series. I hope you all enjoy these DVD’s. If you have any questions on them either ask me, or feel free to email Kurv directly if it’s not ‘art’ orientated. Also to those who waited all day yesterday for release I sincerely apologise. The cover that is on the Kurv site is the stand in, we’ll be showing the debut cover design and new interface for the Get into Zbrush series very soon. The cover on the site will not ship with volume 1, but enables us to release this a few days sooner that if we had waited. Enjoy... Wayne...

On a more personal note:

Well at long last the 1st DVD in my brand spanking new series of DVD’s on Zbrush for Kurv Studios has been released! There was a last minute title change for the series from ‘Step in Zbrush’ to ‘Get into Zbrush’. This of course was the title of my good mate Glen Southern’s 1st ZBrush DVD, and I was most flattered that I was offered the title for this series. (It was Glen who recruited me for Kurva good while back)

It’s a very big title to live up to as the original get into Zbrush was such a massive and legendary success. This meant that all artwork for the series had to be changed at the very last minute meaning Wes at Kurv an myself pulling some 18 hour shifts going well into 5am over the last 3 days to get things ready. The cover it uses now is a stand in to enable us to get it released faster for the community. We will be debuting the new series cover design (done by a top graphic designer) and interface design for the series very soon.

Volume 2 of the series is due for release very, very soon and more information will be posted about that on the day. What I can tell you is that it is a long disk (9 hours) and volume 1 runs at 5 hours. That’s a total of 14 hours of in depth tutorials I’ve filmed for these DVD’s so far.

I have to say I’m really proud of these DVD’s and am in debt to Pixologic who we’ve been working very close with while doing these DVD’s. They’ve been a pleasure to work with and many times went above and beyond the call of duty with help, advice and much more during the inception to release of these DVD’s. I can’t speak highly enough of their professionalism.

I hope this DVD series goes well and I have a few more surprises lined up concerning things I have coming up around Zbrush soon. There’s going to be a lot more releases of many kinds by myself on Zbrush.

PS Ryan: I definatley owe you a drink at some point mate. :wink:



We are always excited about our new video releases but this one was especially exciting for us. We just love ZBrush, the tool absolutely rocks and we are always looking for ways to improve our skills with it.

This video from Wayne has been a long time coming. Wayne and KURV studios have been working with Pixologic for some time to create this video and release it for ZBrush 3.1.

We have setup this DVD so that you can pick and choose the areas you want to learn. maybe you are already familiar with ZSpheres, but want comprehensive information on Retopologising your model in ZBrush 3.1, simply open that chapter. But don’t dismiss the ZSpheres chapter as we learned a few time saving nuggets in that area ourselves.

This video retails for $44.95 but for a very limited time KURV studios is offering 20% off on this title. Don’t miss this one, it is sure to be a best seller! To get your discount, be sure to use the following coupon code ‘zbrush3-1’. This special is good through next Wednesday, October 3rd.

Buy Get into ZBrush 3.1 Now!

That’s wonderful news Darth!
I know I for one, and I am sure many many others, have been waiting and waiting for a ZB DVD from you and Kurv…at last, our errr, prayers have been answered, manna from the heavens,…ummm, Luuuuuuke, I am your Fatherrrrr! Noooooooooo! (i always wanted to say that, prob should’ve held it in lol ah well).

Thank you for doing this for the community and the new users coming aboard everyday.
Can’t wait to see it!!!


I’m interested in this but when I go to your site and try to purchase with the discount, I keep being charged for additional DVD’s when I only want one. Currently, your site claims I have ordered three DVD’s, which I haven’t. I am only trying to purchase one, with the discount. How do I do this?



I’ll get Kurv to get in contact with you and sort this out. I know Kurv are getting ALOT of traffic for the DVD now.


did you try clicking on the “my basket” tab at the top of the ship to/bill to screen (or any of the purchase screens prior to final purchase)? i think if you click on that, you can adjust the quantities.

Thanks, Darth.

Appreciate the intercession.

‘TheVision’ -

Yes, I have gone to ‘Basket’ and physically re-typed the quantity down to ‘1’ but I am still charged with three. And I see no place to apply the discount code.



Sorry about the trouble your having, I have gone to the cart to try it myself… looked ookay but thats not to say your not having cookie problems.

Try this please sir…

Change the number then click on Update… you should them get the page refresh and then see this below…

Let me know if this does not help you okay… thanks!!

Thought I would post a few images here for you guys…

You can find more information here - http://www.kurvstudios.com/zbrush

I have been hoping and waiting for a ZB 3.1 DVD release. You’ve made my night! Maybe my weekend :wink: .
I can’t wait to watch this as I am sure it will a great learning tool.
Watching some of the hour sculpts on veoh, I know too that this should be easy to follow and well-explained. Very cool for those of us just starting to learn ZB.
Thank you for making it, and the added discount is a wonderful treat.

I could not resist, ordered mine. This should get me upto date with the new interface and features of 3.1.

Are there any demo previews for this dvd?

There are 5 preview video on the site now that were put up yesterday. They are in both flash video and windows media format (so you can pick which format is best for your system /browser.)

We’ll videos up for the next DVD in the series as well once it is released (Which is ‘Soon’).


Hi, thanks for you speedy reply.

Hope you dont mind me asking another question, how much of Zbrush 3.1 features gets covered, seems alot to cover in 5 hours?

Iv been using Zbrush for a while now but need to know the details of what I may have missed from the new release of v3x.

Its only been the past 2 weeks where iv been realy getting to use Zbrush since 3x was out, which is why I brought this DVD, to get me upto speed.


About 98% of Zbrush is covered from the ground up in this DVD, it was a lot to fit in but I managed it. The other 2% were things I wanted to cover in detail in Volume 2. The only big feature not covered on this volume is the Zproject brush, but this is covered in detail in Vol 2 as part of the project I create.

As Glen Southern did wiht the original ‘Get Into ZBrush’ we wanted to cover the whole program as even after watched this enables viewers to then use is as a reference later.


Thanks Wayne, will be handy to have Vol 1 at hand. Zproject is a powerfull feature, iv been using it the last few days, so cool this tool. Pitty you couldnt send the DVD from your end as im in the uk also, could save alot of time me getting from the USA.

Ohh just looking at your site, very nicely done, I must say.

Hey Wayne if you want to forgo to huge overhead and burning pain heres a tip.

Get yourself a webserver with some good bandwidth its like 20$ ish a month if you stay with the one or two dvds. Rip your dvd into flv or wmv and put it in a folder on the server. goto www.ccbill.com and sign up for a membership its free and the will make it so you can except ANY currency. Now users that want that dvd will click on a link, it will ask them to pay they do and download it.

Even if they are in pakastan :wink:

better yet ccbill handles all the credit card stuff and money converting for you at very small fees.

I went the DVD route once and wow I will never go back.

Kurv are working on something at the moment that could help solve the overseas postage problems for good. I can’t say a whole lot about it just yet, soon as I can I will. :wink:

Thanks , I’ve done someserious tweaking on my site of late, and finally got around to all those odd jobs I’d been putting off lol.

cannedmushrooms: As mentioned above Kurv have something in the works (couple of things actually) that handle the whole thing in a new way. I personaly dont incurr any overheads on the DVD’s, Kurv have a rock solid and experienced output pipeline, but the things they are about to add add a whole new dimension to things. There’s no set time for this as yet. But Kurvs current way of getting the DVD’s out is completely painless to me. :slight_smile:

Not everyone in the world yet has a fast enough connection to download 9 hours of video files, so DVD’s are still a major part of the tutorial market for the foreseeable future.


Sample Videos now on Kurv Studios


Kurv now have 7 short samples clips from Volume 1 of Get Into ZBrush, avalable to watcjh in both flash video and windows media formats. (So you can pick the format that suits you best.




hey DarthWayne…it must be so cool !!!