KRSLD Vang Cki artbook

Thanks guyz! for the rendering, i’ve used Keyshot renderer.:wink:

Wow…just amazing…and thankyou for sharing breakdown…:slight_smile:

Et ouais ! Bang ! An other masterpiece from Vang Cki !


Amazing work!!! what did you use to render just keyshot? how did you get the lens flares ?

super cool work :+1:

Great to see ZBrush being used so fluently for architectural environments.:+1:
Nifty tip in using curve tube snap to pick out those edges too.

Hi guyz!

The render was done with keyshot,lensflares? it’s just a pictures of lensflares :slight_smile:

i’ve shared small video timelapse done with zbrush recorder.

You can see how can i use zbrush.


box tutorial_02.jpg


box tutorial_02.jpg

Thanks for the video. Amazing results.


Man, that’s awesome!
Do you mind to share some of your custom brushes?

Excellent work, I love your attention to detail.

Thank you very much for the beautifully explained photos with the brush callouts. Also thank you for your timelapse videos on youtube. Can’t wait for more!

Just amazing :smiley:

I just watched your ASN Hard Surface video and have a few questions based on seeing that everything you mask and extrude are always so sharp and crisp.
What is the resolution of your starting object?
And did you use zRemesher to align all your polys before you started? Usually, when I watch others doing this, or when I try it myself the edge is always somewhat ragged
and I have to do a lot of H-polishing to get the kind of results that you immediately get. Also I guess some of these are Extracts. They too look remarkably smooth as if you were working in
Max or something. Any tips are more than appreciated.

So thanks in advance.


Thanks for the brush info too!

Great work!! :+1: