hey guys this is my last model , i spent last months try o finishing him , so that is the final result .
criticisms and suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:
soon i will post the textures, wire and another things



beautiful monster!
one question:how did you get the partial transparency of the monster’s tail?

Great sculpts, very nice work!

WOOO O great sculpt

nice sculpt and render! look forward to the updates.

by the way, it is underwater right?

Great model man, congratulations.

thanks buddy. about the tail shader a just use arch e design with templat Translucent Plastic.:slight_smile:

thanks man , i glad you liked :slight_smile:

thanks master :stuck_out_tongue:

hoo thanks man.:slight_smile:
I do not know if I’ll work more in this model, I’m still in doubt, probably i will make new render with diferent angles,.
and ye.s he is underwater :slight_smile:

hey man, thanks nei you help a lot in this project …thanks buddy:cool:

hey people , here is another render of kropus, i hope you guys like…:slight_smile: criticisms and suggestions are welcome

WOW put the wires of the model.

what’d you render this in?

valeu neizera abraco rapa

@pabgo i use 3d max to render …