Kris Costa's Zbrush 3 Stuff (some nudity)

Hi all,

my name is Krishnamurti M. Costa. I work as character animator, organic modeler and texture artist at CafeFX. I use Zbrush since version 1.55b, as part of my personal workflow and part of my professional work at the studio as well.

I’m having a blast working with version 3.0 and I think you all will be very excited working with it too. This version is soooooo much faster and powerful than version 2.0 that it just feels different, in a great way. The sculpting experience feels completely natural now, with absolute control and precision.

Here’s one of my several new wip models done in ZB 3. My intention is to create a serie of “digital toy sets”. This one is based on the movie “Young Frankenstein”. The color was painted really fast using vertex painting, great for concepts and for painting base colors for your textures. Below some Maya/MR renders and a full body wip shot from Zbrush render. Stay tuned for Marty Fedlman as “Igor”, also in progress.

A blue version:

Zbrush render:





Here’s Igor, another character from the same movie (Young Frankenstein), played by Marty Feldman. Head rendered in Maya/MR. Full body rendered in Zbrush as a concept. Still needs a lot of work on both model and textures (only color map for now).

Marty in mono:

Zbrush render/concept:


This work is called “The Two Leaves”. There’s one last leaf at the tree, just about to fall… like the old man, about to die. The second leaf is floating at the river. This one represents the dead baby. Since the “expected” order of things was changed (baby dying before the old man), I added this river running uphill and shocking against the stones in it’s path. Like the river (life) was running in the opposite way, as the old man thinking about his entire life during his last moments. The baby could be himself, the old man, during this brief “life flashback” before he dies. He is ready to put the baby at the river, so he can finally rest in peace.
Some people believe that birth and death are the same thing, or very close experiences. Life is just a “gap”, a gift, a chance we have to do the right things, if this is possible at all. With this in mind I used these 2 leaves to represent 2 beings that are in fact one, in 2 different states: life and death. The leaves will very soon come together at the river. Birth and death finally meet and everything is in it’s perfect place.
You will also notice that the roots are over the river but they don’t touch it anymore, which is very symbolical and reinforce the whole idea behind this work.

Hope you like the story. You will probably find other meanings looking at it, which is always good.

Here’s one of my first works made with ZBrush 3.0. Lots of Lazy Mouse used on the tree trunk and wrinkles. Transpose for posing the baby and tweaking the old man’s pose, rigged previously in Maya. Zbrush default alphas used to paint the subtle texture over the entire body, all in realtime and 3D mode (no projection master necessary!), this in a 6 million object, the old man.

The whole scene has about 16-17 million polygons and my 2GB RAM machine had no problems at all with this amount of polys. Objects are all separated in sub-tools and can be edited independently.

Render done in ZBrush. Post done in photoshop, including the DOF, thanks to the Zbrush Alpha Depth GrabDoc feature.


Here are a couple of other models in progress. All done in Zbrush 3.

The King of all frogs. Hands and feet not done yet. Improvements coming when I have the time:

Pose test. Plants modeled with Maya Paint Effects and imported in Zbrush:

One of the several frogs that will be part of the scene. Pose test:

My wife WIP portrait. Rendered in Maya. Paint Effects for hair, still very rough. You still can see the rough painting that I did in photoshop, just to guide me on the amount the hair needed to cover that region:

The hair was painted using ZappLink, really roughly, just to have a guide for the CG hair:

I started her portrait using my superman mesh as base. How lazy am I? :slight_smile:

This is my latest one, still VERY wip. It’s a pinup doll. I want her to look like the old style pinup girls, with a doll look (clothes/makeup). The hair will be kept simple, to look like a sculpture. She was posed using a combination of a simple Maya rig and the new ZB 3 Transpose. The color is pure vertex painting, which is amazing! Render done in Zbrush. I still need to fix problems in all the articulations, pose arms and hands and model the props, including an old telephone so she can talk to her friends:

That’s all for now,

Oh, for goodness sake! That collection is beyond inspirational … it’s totally out of reach! Stunning, stunning, stunning!

man,what can i say?
truly amazing stuff!!
great inspiration in each model that you did,great honor to me be part of the beta team with artists like you!

Alex Oliver

yes , realy realy good work antropus. just dont stop . :+1:

Good Lord…
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Lemo… selling his cg-stuff and starting business to sell used Cars…

I bow to the master!!
They are so realistic, I feel like I can touch them…

Hi Kris,
Beautiful, very nice.
Good models, congratulations.

Moochie and lemonnado,
thanks a lot for your words guys. Makes me happy.

man, back to you! Your sculptures were always a great surce of inspiration and your 3D models are getting better and better all the time. Keep the great work my friend!

you rock :slight_smile:

Meats Meier,
man, don’t say that… I’m your fan since EVER! Love your stuff and the ideas behind your works. Truly inspirational. Back to you my friend, you rock!


The “Young Frankenstein” stuff is brilliant!

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Yes truly amazing! the quality style and finesse of you characters is unique beautifull creations Kris! you rock! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Dude as always. Amazing…

ohhhh yeah!!master!!Zbrush attack!!! very very impresive your works!!!:o
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Fantastic Antropus!! Your work is trully inspiring , as it is to known your trajetory. Keep Rockying!!! Abraços!

Hope it’s ok to post here not trying to spam your thread.

Franky & Igor - Some of the best I’ve seen by you.
Getting used to it, mind blowing as usual.
Igor is just plain outrageously realistic imho

Old Man & Son - Very dramatic stuff.
Tell us some of the story please?
Is the baby dead? Great impact. Very sad.

Frogman - LMAO

Pinup Girl - My favourite. She’s 60’s hot?
Love it, first girl I’ve seen by you.
Marylin like and such a pinup, really.

Love your work. Makes me want to learn ZB all over again.
I hope they getting more “suck” out as I think you mentioned.
If a demo comes out I’ll make sure to give it a try.

Muito legal :+1:



nice, it would be nice to see one of these extremely high detailed mesh printed out.

igor’s head is my favorite one :lol:

Antropus Quality , :wink: simply :+1:

Obviously…fantastic worl. But, you got my overall “favorite” vote for making the Young Frankenstein characters, most especially Marty. Thank you!