Krhiven's Sketchbook


First off, pixologic is awesome!

I am challenging myself to do 5 heads in the next 2 weeks. Here is the first. My goal is to limit myself to 2 hours so I can speed up my sculpting. I would love to hear crits (constructive) and some pointers.




Oops, here’s the image.

Another character bust. This was done about 2 months ago. I need to improve on details and proportions.

Another head sculpt, 2 hours. I would love to know how I can improve.



Nice models! but I think you could work a bit more on the ears :slight_smile: Also I think the proportions are a bit off specially the eye height.

I would also like to see a character that isn’t so clean as these. By clean I mean old or at least aged with skinflaps and wrinkles. I think your models right now lacks weight.


Thanks Sebbe for the crit! I need to do an ear study for sure. I will be attempting to do a female head as well as an older mans head.


This is my first attempt at poly painting, I had lots of fun but it did take me 4 hours. Lots to learn. This is meant to be a bit of a stylized character.

Crits welcome


Nicely done! - I’m a fan of the slightly more stylized stuff myself . This falls very well into that zone .

Cheers .

the picture is very awesome

Your image is able to inspire me
I also will show images that are being made

Another head sculpt, I felt a little out of practice for this one since its been a few months. I am really trying to figure out new ways of sculpting and one of the hardest things for me is to not use the smooth brush after every brush stroke. Here was an attempt at that.

Really like this :slight_smile:

thanks Trist

another head sculpt, I am still having a hard time with the eyes but I spent almost a half day on this really just trying to get it right.

Sculpting away!

What are your setting for this rendering in Zbrush?



@Heist - nothing special I usually just change settings in the bpr shadows and AO sub pallettes and fuddle my way through. I am trying to get a grasp on the whole materials and lighting stuff and it is not easy.

My latest sculpt, 2 hours. Crits welcome!