Kremiansky Sketchbook

Hi there, my first post here, here’s my current project I’m working on, made in Maya and ZBrush. This is Tyrion Lannister fanart, I started this project a while ago but I felt that i lack the knowledge and the experience to make a proper likeness, so only recently I started working on it, after basically replacing everything but the base mesh of the head which went under a lot of changes.
Gonna be posting here lots of updates, cant wait to hear your feedback!




really good hair work and also likeness. Just need to refine it

what would you suggest to refine?

I would say the nose.


Based on ref, feel like the nose is even more twisted. But overall there is likeness. It’s only skin pores you dont have and that shader feel super plastic.

You plan to do the scar?

Thanks, I’ll check the nose, you are right. Regarding the scar and pores I plan to do them the moment I feel that I achieved the likeness the best I could, with big and medium shapes.

So, I decided to do full body sculpt, here’s a base mesh, also for now I removed the hood, and returned a proxy of the hair so the whole thing makes more sense. I would love to hear feedback about the proportions and the likeness.

for now I worked only on the boy before fixing and improving the likeness, hope you like the clothes, I would love to hear some feedback and ideas on how to add detail to the vest.

what are your ref for the body of Tyrion? I find the waist a bit large versus the refs I found. Some proportions look off, but would like to compare with yours

It’s a delight to see dedicated forum members such as you, thanks for the critique!

here’s the main reference for the proportions, although I’m aiming for season 5-6 look.

It’s a pleasure to help others.

I gather some refs in a pinterest page. There is one with a similar outfit you sculpt, it could be useful


I photoshop your orthographic views (very useful to have that)

I think the body look much more accurate now: I just scale down the body except the head) and lower down the shoulder to give him some neck.


Scote you were right, I looked again at the references, and I saw that the body should be the height of 4 heads. Here’s the fixed result, I feel that the hands are a still a tad off, but fixing it will be no biggie. After that- I will be posing the character and improving the likeness further.

What is your ref for the side view head? I think you could match it more… the nose and the mouth seem a bit off. Maybe It’s just the rotation to match the front image you are using.

these two are the best side references so far, both of them are not perfect. I have a dozen screenshots from interviews and stuff.

Your second side ref is good. There is no head angle to it versus the first one. I found one from the Emmys:


That’s a good one for you, more beard eheh but you could interpret the chin :slight_smile:

I feel that this is about it, time for textures, hair and stuff

lets texture and render this badass!

Yah look great man. Nice improvement


nice work!