Kratos - God of war 4 - Fan art

Hello guys! This is my new project done.
I did this Fan art of Kratos based on the franchise God of War.
My inspirations were the artists Raf grassetti, Igor Catto and Glauco Longhi.
I’d like to thanks my friends Magessi, Carolina Sardinha, Kris Costa and all for the tips in Fly on the wall course’s group and of course the pixologic for this awesome tool.



side 1_00000 New view!

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Fantastic! Looks just as good as the game model! I actually like the beard on yours better. Looks very thick and scraggly like a real beard. The one in the game always looked a bit too wirey too me.

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Thank you Jaime! I really appreciated you comment. Yes, xgen is a fantastic tool to make beards :). See ya.

back2_00000 the back view!