Kraken's Illustrations Thread

Hey everyone! This thread will be for my images/works that have to do with my illustration work - work that I sometimes license for other uses like printed on products or whatever. You won’t find any Conans or vampires in this thread. (I have a hard time finding companies that want to sell Conan products :lol: ) This is mainly for my commercial type work. I’ll keep any cooler stuff I may attempt like dragons, monsters, etc separate.

Anyway here’s the first one. It’s just a snowflake design. It started out as an attempt to get the look of the extreme close up photos of snowflakes from National Geographic. The snowflakes were sculpted and rendered in ZBrush.

The other two images are just rough color concepts for the next two ZBrush designs I’m working on. I hope to have them done in the next couple weeks.





beautiful:D :+1: ,i like the last picture.

very cute :slight_smile:

Almost finished with the snowman and scarecrow designs… Just adding a few more details then I’ll upload those as soon as they are done.

I was looking over some files on my other G5 Mac and came across the first commercial piece I did with ZBrush almost 2 years ago that actually helped to pay the bills. Actually, it was a mix of ZBrush and Photoshop painting. The bird sculpt itself didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. If you viewed it from another angle, the wings looked weird.

The wing texture was the only photomapping that was applied. The rest was painted in projection master with ZApp link. Background was painted in Photoshop. Smudged some of the chest and tail feathers after rendering as well to keep the edges from looking too crisp.


Here’s the final for the Scarecrow design. Almost finished with the Snowman rendering. Pretty much the same workflow as Spock & Conan. Rendered in 3 separate passes in ZBrush, composited together then some postwork cleanup/color correction.


EDIT: Created a tutorial for this piece…



Really adheres to the concept well. It’s like a drawing come to life.

Not my type of subject matter, but as usual you’ve done an outstanding job on this fella! I would like it if you could spend some time going over your workflow. Its always enlightening to see others workflow because sometimes I see that it could improve my own work.
Your one of the best!

Gorgeous work, i enjoy it!

beautiful work KrakenCMT :+1:

Really nice work Kraken!
The scarecrow really stands out. I love the execution of the concept.
I totally picture this standing out among all the Thanksgiving/Fall Holiday cards. Very professional work.


loved the concepts and stunned with the real thing and how close u were to the concepts job well done keep it up there some sort of warmth in the pictures i love it

Awesome work, and great colours.
5 stars from me!
looking forward to more! (please… :wink: )


This is top row stuff, excellent work fella…:cool:

It is allways a pleasure to see a happy picture in this forum! :smiley:

Congratulations! Very nice!:+1:


Hey thanks, guys!

No problem. I’ll see what I can do to recap the steps of the scarecrow. I kept most of the steps in separate layers in Photoshop so it will be easy to just get some images together and explain it a bit more. There’s some post render Photoshop steps as well that really make it a more unified piece that I’ll try to cover as well.

It could be a couple days as I still have to finish up the Snowman.

I only see one probly. There are no shadows in the ground. Mkaes it look like you just put it together in photoshop or somthen. I realy like this peace. I dont think its finished tho. GOOD WORK!!!

Finally finished the snowman illustration. Due to the importance of the lighting/shadow direction and sss effect of the snow, I rendered it in Lightwave. all was modeled and textured in ZBrush with postwork in Photoshop to soften up some things.

Edit: The image was sharpened a bit more and more contrast added.




Fantastic model and render etc and a wonderful way to use z brush. You should design the official holiday card for this site.

That’s the warmest snowman I’ve ever seen! :slight_smile:
He’s very welcoming.

Love it! What a beautiful render. The character design is fantastic. Nice to see some friendly characters around here. Hehe.