KP Sketchs (more pics Pg 19)

Hey All. Decided to start a sketchbook finally :smiley:

This guy was a quick sculpt for a friend at work. Thought I would share it here. Hopefully more updates later on, he's still a work in progress. -KP



wo~i really like the molding and the details
nice job~:)

Really great design! The base looks a bit empty in my opinion.
I think a few little stones might be nice. Anyways – wonderful model. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: And I can`t wait to see the next update.

Oh wow! I really like this model!

:grimacing: Oh wow! Beautiful creature! Can’t wait to see more updates!!!

what a good sketchbook start :slight_smile:

Nice detail! :slight_smile: I love the creature design!
Is there anything special you did as technique to make the scales on the neck and head ?
I can see in some places that you make some hand work, but did you use texture or something else to create and arrange them that good ? :wink:

Awesome design mate, love it.

Amazing !!! Bravo !

awesome, It reminds me of the creature in the ‘Host’ and a bit of ‘Godzilla’
I look forward to seeing more

This is extremely good! :+1:

wow, amazing sculpt man, nice presence to it too. cant wait for the poly painted version, would love to see your sculpt process,
maybe a video some time

I also like the design, its proportions give it a perfect massive feeling. And nice details.

Wow! Thanks for the kind words everyone :smiley:

<b>pimeto:</b> For this piece I used alphas to find shapes I wanted to use on the surface. I think I used about 3 different scale alphas to get what I wanted. Then I would enhance some of those forms by hand using standard brush, polish, or flakes with a round alpha. <b>Moni-Poroni:</b> I agree with you, the base wasn't thought out very much, I will put some more love into it ^^ This guy was built off another character I did for work that I'm not able to show just yet. [<!--[attach=198117]KP_Watcher1.jpg[/attach]-->]![KP_Watcher1.jpg|1120x840](upload://AQiF1MPye6zd8lnqMJsAiEoPK6.jpeg) And once I got a concept out of that old base mesh I decided to tweak him around and play with the design more. Most of the sculpting done is in the head area and in small regions of the tentacles, there is a lot I need to do to unify the sculpt's visual language. [<!--[attach=198118]KP_Watcher2.jpg[/attach]-->]![KP_Watcher2.jpg|918x1716](upload://oHxo7kC5NcU9zgDlWqxyUPu9n8B.jpeg)![KP_Watcher1.jpg|1100x840](upload://AQiF1MPye6zd8lnqMJsAiEoPK6.jpeg)![KP_Watcher2.jpg|918x1600](upload://oHxo7kC5NcU9zgDlWqxyUPu9n8B.jpeg)

Very cool work!!! I like your creatures…

Wow! That lat creature is real scary looking, like love your designs…

Really really cool! I love the concept

Nice! Looks like something that crawled out of the Gulf looking for revenge against Tony Hayward and BP after they dumped all that oil and chemicals into the ocean. Go get 'em, tiger! :+1:

You make good monsters, very origional !!