Koth of the Hammer

Hey guys !
It’s the first time I post anything here at ZbrushCentral and I’m kind of excited :slight_smile:
This is something I created in my spare time which is unfortunately not a lot.
Koth of the Hammer is one of the characters in “Magic the Gathering” card game and the original 2D concept was created by the great Jason Chan.
I used Zbrush for everything besides retopology which was done in Topogun and rednering which was done in Maya.

Some inside ZBrush Screengrabs:

Just for the kicks, I uploaded a lower, decimated version of the character and it can be seen in real time at http://sketchfab.com/show/rc6IYRUVBDJPRYc8MLilZwI05cX
Soon I will also add some 3D prints of this rendition.
Besides that, I also intend to texture and shade Koth, as soon as I get the chance.
Hope you like it !





Placeholder for upcoming images

Wow! The rendering of that top one is amazing! I’d love to know how you did that. It really shows the quality of your sculpt. Brilliant!

Very very nice model, I do tire of hearing the M word though…just sayin.

Thanks you, Black-Tooth !
For the render I partially used the “Make it look real” thread by ISK-86 which can be found here:
I hope you’ll find it useful too !

Thanks so much, Doug !! Not sure which M word would that be though :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link! I’ve been trying to get my head around rendering for a while. I think the M word might be Maya, haha. Great work .I’d love to see more of your stuff.

nice model :x

how many point does the model have?

Np ! :slight_smile: People are getting some awesome results with Keyshot now which is way simpler and straight forward, perhaps you’ll find it more convenient?

Thank you !
The total amount of vertices in ZBrush is 41.5 million.
Just the character after retopology (without the base and floating rocks) it’s 30 thousand.

wow @.@ i’ve always worried 'bout the speed of my computer and just try to keep it under about 10 millions (cuz 1 time i reached 11 millions and the program crashed). do you know how to caculate how many point can your computer handle?

Hey Slovik, it’s that amount of vertices but split into many subtools so there isn’t a problem :wink:
A single subtool can handle around 6 million on my PC.

okay thank you :smiley: a simple way to keep the model detailed. and 1 more question, so you can only see your full model with all subtools after you retopologied it? and what software do you use to render? i guess with about 30 thousands you can easily render in zbrush with zbrush right?

Actually I am able to see all the subtools together but it definitely feels slower.
Having different subtools does allow you to have more polygons visible together.
I rendered in Maya mental ray and having proper topology and UVs allows me to render the model with displacement maps.
You can also use decimation master in order to render a lighter version without losing any detail instead of retopologizing. In fact that is exactly what I did, the retopology was for fun.

okay thank you very much :smiley: this’s gonna be a new experience for me :smiley:

I can’t wait to see more of your work! It’s so good. You’re going to have to teach me how to render like that if I can’t manage it with the link you gave, haha. :wink: (Thanks for the link)

thank you :slight_smile: i hope you like it. i’m just newguy in zbrush and there’re still so much for me to learn

and anyway, about the link on youtube, it’s about render passes then compile them in aftereffect, but it’s because he render into video. i just use the same technic to render in photoshop for images :slight_smile:

Thanks guys ! :slight_smile: