Knutsen And Ludvigsen Teaser

Hey All.

Today a teaser for an animation movie I have been working on for the last year was released.
Zbrush has been used extensively! on pretty much everything :slight_smile: Location is sculpted by
Heidi Dale and I did all the characters. The progress from all the way back to concept was made here. I did not do the initial design concept, but worked it out in 3d (design changed in zbrush) and then did the actual production sculpt. I look forward to showing you some behind the scenes, but can’t do that for another year :frowning:

anyways, enjoy the teaser :slight_smile:




And another promo still:



Did you do the animation as well? How big was the team in all? just the two of you??

really, really GREAT!!!

Great work! Funny language!:wink:
is it a featurefilm, tv series?

keepit up. Looking forward to full release…

Thx for the comment. Glad you like it. Language would be Norwegian (with some dialect as well :))
The production studio is Qvisten Animation and we are about 20 people involved on and off.
This is for a full lenght animation film which will air in September 2015.

Animation on the teaser is done by Morten Øverlie and Vibeke Cleaverley.

That looks awesome! The characters look adorable but also the final look is beautiful! What did you use to render? And if you don’t mind, how long did the whole teaser took to make?


It was rendered in Arnold for Maya.
It’s hard to say how long the teaser took in total because it is using assets which were made for the whole
film earlier. They were modeled after a concept, but also further concepted in Zbrush.
Considering it is two lead characters and their location it took a while. Animators did about 5 seconds
pr. day and render time is roughly 1.5hr pr. frame

Great job! love the character design and the animation.

So cool!! Could you put som raw zbrush screenies?


I can’t post ZBrush Screenies at the moment. The material is under NDA and all work files will remain in our cave for some more months :confused:
We’re also recording a making of for the DVD and I’ll show off a bunch of sculpts then :slight_smile:

Very well done! Enjoyed it!