Knull: RE-Birth

Yo guys!

First time poster; just a rough, unfinished knull Carnage concept i wanted to share with the community. Feel free to offer any suggestions to improve my work; always looking to up my skills…

Here’s Some background on the work…

A vicious fight between Carnage and the Symbiote God has transpired. The clash has lead to an unexpected death; the death of a God (Knull) and the birth of a truly devastating character in the MCU; Knull Carnage…

The scene depicts the aftermath of the fight; with the Gods defeat in the past, the new Knull Carnage can now reign as the one true Symbiote. He leaves the throne on foot gazing at his hand, now aware that something new, something more powerful than he or anyone else could imagine has been born anew.

This scene is only an early concept and i will continue to work on the remaining symbiotes: Venom and Anti-venom whom i intend to include in a bigger fight scene between the symbiotes as seen on the WIP pictures. I’m also working on an Anit-Venom tutorial at the moment so be sure to check that out when it’s released if you like this model.


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