Knight Creature

Hi everyone, here’s a new character I’ve been working on for my 3DSnippets project.

I’ve been relatively ‘quiet’ about 3DSnippets because it started as an experiment, but we are already in the 7th month since I launched it and it has developed into something really cool, so now I can start sharing more about what we’ve been working on:

here’s the low and high res sculpt in ZBrush

And a few more shots (you can see more on my ArtStation):

You can also read more about some of the key aspects of the project from the Substance 3D Magazine as I used the Adobe 3D tools for a lot of the production of this character.

hope you guys like it!


Yes, yes and yes…that’s so cool.
Love the proportions, the realistic/Cartoon mix, and the broken shield adding some story to the character.

Then proportions are really good, fits your character very well :+1: Thanks for sharing!

I love this character design! Very cool :slight_smile:

Simply great… :slight_smile:

Great work, I especially love the woods image : )

So cool, very great concept and execution as always