Knight and Horse

Hello, my friends! This is my personal work, called “Knight and Horse”. It is the summary of my work this time using ZBrush.
My project is based on the conceptual design of French illustrator Julien Renoult.
ZBrush is an high-efficiency software that constantly motivated my creative inspiration. Many of the new features of the latest ZBrush4 R8 P2 have given me brand new experience. What very impressive are the latest ZModeler brush and the Transpose track tool.
ZBrush is wonderful. I am very lucky to meet ZBrush, and I will continue to accompany you until I get old.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the techniques I used to to create this model.


Mr. Bean :smiley:

I love the scene and rich details. Envoirment would need some more love, but characters are very VERY awesome.








Beautiful work, the detail is incredible. Also, are two of the guys on the lance, Tom Cruise and Mr Bean?

Excellent work, thanks for sharing!


Great piece. Thank you for sharing all of the tips with the community.

Wow, great piece and great breakdown

Is it me or I see Tom Cruise and Mr.Bean?

Nice!! Great breakdown. Great sculpts. Study peeps.

awesome work … very nice breakdown :+1:

The work’s amazing and thank you for sharing the knowledge.

OOOOOUUUUUCH! I can almost feel that lance. Excellent work. Great attention to detail.

Yes .Thank you for your watch poplar. It’s the two of them

Thank you for your attention


;)yes.It is.

Does it Tom Cruise on the spear ? (the between personage)

Yes,It’s him.:slight_smile: