Kitco Metal Quotes Zplugin

I can still run the Kitco Metal Quotes Zplugin on Win 10 and 2022.07 on an old laptop. But on a new PC with Win 11 and 2022.0.8 I get an errMsg "001028 Current prices for metals not found in text file.
Do you have any ideas what the problem might be, any later version of the plugin?
I see the Maxon site does not have the plug in listed unless there is another page for it.
I worked with Joseph Drust @pixologic on this plug in back in October 2018. It is very useful for calculating the weight and current price of a model in most precious metal alloys. Screenshot 2023-12-24 223205

I’d appreciate any help on troubleshooting the app and updates if available.
(Zbrush Perpetual license, //Kitco Metal Quotes 2022 v4.3 March 2 2022)

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Hey! Looks like its not working any more. You could Check Mesh Volume under the 3D Print Hub and calculated by hand. Its the only way i found it to do it.


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Yeah, I am having the same issue. Worked a month ago or so. Does anyone know what the problem is?

Several people including Joseph Drust, Tomas Wittelsbach, and I put in a fair bit of work on this very useful plugin. Please would the new management try to co-ordinate with Joseph so the fix could be coded? It not only allows you to get a live spot bullion metal price for your model in most precious metal alloys; but also applies 2 levels of user defined price mark up, e.g. the caster’s price and your profit margin.

(Where is thebug report link these days?)

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Gary Miller


@Voxel: I 100% agree; this plugin is essential for any professional attempt at using ZBrush for jewelry creation. Speaking from experience, most of my clients request a price estimate during the design process, which can significantly influence the direction of the entire piece.
Please let us know how we can rectify this issue.

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Yes, today this plugin suddenly stopped working too. It was working yesterday, but today it suddenly stopped.
Very sad.
Has anyone figured out what’s going on?