Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) - FanArt


I started this project a few months ago and it was a fantastic learning experience. It was great to practice the general process of creating a realistic character.
I used Zbrush to do the modeling, Autodesk Maya was used for retopology and uvs and the textures were done in Mari using a Multi-channel Faces kit from the XYZ website. I set up the shaders using Mari’s textures along with some auxiliary maps that I exported from Zbrush in Autodesk Maya using Arnold as a renderer.
That’s it, thanks!


I love this sculpt.

Very realistic and great interpretation of the Kingpin.


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He almost looks too nice…he is the villain after all :wink:

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Thanks a lot! This is one of the most iconic villains for me. I really enjoyed making this model.

Thanks James !!

Great piece! Thank you for posting!

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Thanks Zmichael !!