King Varian Wrynn

Hi guys.

Here is my recent work that I worked for Taurus studio. I’ll share the detail of modeling process with you asap. Head done by Caleb Nefzen !
I hope you like it !

thank you !!


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Absolutely wonderful! Wow. :slight_smile: Would love to see the detailing process if you had that to share :lol:

Amazing work:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Andrew3D: Thank you buddy !! sure
Artist.ae609: Thank you !!

Amazing Work buddy! Congrats on the Toprow. well deserved:+1:

Fantastic work! :+1:


Awesome man! Loved the armor design!

beautiful work mate :+1:

Thanks ZBC for toprow !!

Reza_lowpoly : Thank you dude ! really appreciate it .

Ragnar3D: Thank you !!

a3dmodels: thank youu ! !

AndreHolzmeister: thanks a lot !!

Ali_mjalali: thanks buddy !!

Fantastic…love the style…

Amazing details!!!

Awesome work man

thank you so much my friends ! It’s my pleasure :wink:

Beautiful Detail in your Character, but I gotta tellya thats one BadAss Sword,love it
all the best to you

Great work.

It’s very great work! Congrats dear farhad for Top Row :wink:

well done to you dear farhad, its looks really flawless

In the first second or so of looking at this I wondered if it were top row, and if not, why?

Can’t wait for the making of/breakdown!! :slight_smile: