King | Tekken Fan Art

King is my favourite character of my favourite fighting videogame, Tekken, and I’m very happy to be able to make my own redesign for him. Hope you like it :grin:


yeah great job martin

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Thank you so much @vahidahmadizb2016 :sweat_smile:

Hi there, is there any way to get this model?

PS, love your works

Tekken! It’s been too long since I played this series! I think King was my first main back in the Tekken 2 days, a long time ago :sweat_smile:

So great. HAHA

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Hey dude, have you converted and sliced to print ready files either of these yet? And If not I would be happy to do it for you if you like. These would make excellent 3d prints.

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Hey @MardukThePeopleEater ! Thank you for your words, actually I’m planning to do the cuts in the near future to print it at home, but I appreciate the offer :smiley: