KINETIK Art Book - Mat Broome

My brother is developing his first independently created video game after many years at Sony. I’m posting an artbook here on his behalf b/c I think it’s interesting seeing him do everything from the 2d to 3d work. I’ll be posting his screenshots of drawings, game modeling from the concept art to see how much changes, etc. Seemed like the most logical place for a sketchbook.

Builds in a combination Zbrush/Maya.



You can follow the game progress on the Facebook Page




Hero Machine Trooper.jpg



magnus cover image.png

excellent work.

Very nice!..inspirational…is the name of the game ‘Kinetik’? is he doing everything by himself?

Hey guys he’s doing every part of the art, concept, modeling, levels, etc. He’s even retopping which is brutal work if you’ve done it on models this detailed. Will post more in a bit.

Yes it’s called Kinetik, one of the programmers he worked with at Sony (Kevin McPherson, programmer on EverQuest 1 and 2) is doing the coding behind him. It’s really interesting watching two people trade all these assets and ideas back and forth to make a game.


Added a new image of Mat doing hard sculpting on one of the drones.

Added first public image of one of the playable characters.

This is one of the deployable drones from concept to render:

mat-drawing-drone-zbrush-photoshop.jpgdrone-under-belly-shot.jpgdrone cover image.png

We’ve started an instructional game art series documenting the process of making our survival shooter. In this post Mat goes into the details of storytelling through character design, starting with the eyes which are the most expressive part of the face as we know. Also goes into what separates game art from other types of art and what commonalities there are:



First color WIP for one of the playable characters. Since the loot and crafting progression tree is a big part of games like this we wanted to show a stripped down version so that the player can envision all the upgradable areas and how they differ based on play style and mission success etc. Also important in this step is establishing the feel of the materials in Zbrush before translating all this stuff to Unreal Engine since materials always play a big part in the storytelling

survival game kinetik color wip shooter.jpg

First set of sculpted boots, going for a combination of near-future space travel and a more action oriented/sci-fi look since it’s a shooter. Another focus of designing sections like this is making sure that the material differs from others in a way that’s clear enough for players who customize their characters, seam placement helps with that as will the material settings we apply in Unreal Engine (differentiating leather vs. synthetics is especially key)

I do the game’s design so typically I will have specific statistical applications in mind for every gear asset.

A big area where we want KINETIK to stand out is in crafting. While the mechanics will be familiar to any survival game fans, we want it to really feel like the materials in the game suit the environment (space, near-future, abandoned lunar facilities, etc.) and have variety. So materials like Carbon Fiber and the various plastics they’ll be accumulating are tested in a bunch of different lighting scenarios as Mat builds the playable characters and their gear.

This keyshot render shows one of the playable characters in-uniform.

High-Res of one of our NPCs

WIP of our primary base head, working on some subsurface scattering improvements to complement Unreal Engine 4.15’s lighting adjustments.
Mat has based the workflow on the same processes he used on H1Z1, so he’s also set up a modular character pipeline that I’ll be showing images from.

New 4K render of the playable character’s skin texture is up on FB page. Couldn’t directly post b/c of the image size but here’s a smaller version:

Higher res here:

HD shot of the playable character WIP. Since our game is survival oriented we want to bring a higher attention to detail than you usually see in survival game character design, so the soldier has to look weathered but familiar to fans of space exploration/astronauts.

Since we’re a tactical RPG we have pretty traditional RPG classes, translated for the shooter environments. This is a WIP of our Demolition class, which is the game’s heavy/tank class. As a result our artist built a base player mesh that was very different from the other classes in the game.