Kieran McKay Z-Sketchbook

Dragon head Zbrush sketch based on the blue dragon from D&D,
Sculpted in Zbrush and rendered in Keyshot


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Very good sculpt!

Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

Demon - sculpted in Zbrush, Original concept by Troll Juncha

Latest Personal work, 3D Print style Frankenstein Pin-up.

Check out over at Artstation here:


Hope you like it! : )

First post of 2017! Happy New Year Everyone :slight_smile:
Atomic Delivery - Blacksmith Bro sculpted in Zbrush and rendered in Keyshot.

More over on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/VkzQR

Sharky & his pet Bunny!

Just finished up this super fun personal project based on a concept - Patri Balanovsky

Very cool work!!

Hey Selwy thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Frankenstein Pin-Up - 3D PrintFrankie Prototype 3DPrint,
She will soon be available for purchase and sold as a limited edition - Pre-painted collectable figure!
There will also be more spooky character pin-ups coming too! : )

Dracula Pin-Up - Is next in the series of Halloween Pin-Ups I’m working on.
She will be turned into a 3D printed, pre-painted collectable figure.
More info coming soon!


Frankie Limited Edition - MOKO Monster Girls statues are now available!
if you are interested you can get one here:


Thanks for your support!

My Wedding Cake Topper which I designed and sculpted and got printed for my wedding this year! (Harry Potter Themed)

Me and my partner were super lucky to be able to get married this year, we are super fortunate and had the most amazing day.
I really hope you like the cake topper that I made : )
*I still don’t have any pictures of it on top of the cake yet, have to wait for people to send me them :smiley:

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Great use of 3D print technologies :wink:

@Jaime Thanks so much!