Kickstarter campaign-JBMONGE-Celtic FAERIES

Hello here you can find my last creation in 2D for the new English version of my main book Celtic FAERIES.
a delux edition of a colorful book about legend and celtic little mythologie.
If someone want to create this piece in 3D it will a great pleasure for me to guide you if you need. And for my kickstarter campaign feel free to join Me ! [http://kck.st/1ZDglYt

Best JB Monge




I love this…it reminds me of Brian Fraud’s work!!

May be you want to said Brian Froud :wink:

(…oops) I love the way you guys pull these creatures out of your heads, I don’t quit have the knack for crisp character design. (The few designs I did in college were “muddy”) I love your blizzard work. I was at the Diablo 3 midnight release a few years back!
Do you have your 3d Sculptors lined up yet?