Keyshot increases polygon count from zbrush model

I have a zbrush model which I open in Keyshot, gets more number of polygons. It has currently 6.8 million polygons. But when I open it in Keyshot via direct render bridge option, the polygon count gets increased to 13.5 million. Why does it happen?

Exactly the same number of polygons I see when I export the Keyshot model as obj file and import it into Keyshot.

The entire Keyshot model is monolithic. Like only one single sculptural form.


Is it maybe converting 1 quad to 2 tri’s? That would double the polycount if it is, and asuing you model is quads from zBrush.

How do I know that this is exactly what is happening? If my polygon count crosses 10 to 10.5 million in Keyshot, I cannot render on GPU. So what should I do to keep the facecount same when exporting to Keyshot

I zoomed into my model in Zbrush and saw these types of quad faces.


Are you able to decimate your mesh to alower poly-count before sending to Keyshot?