Keyframe animation in Zbrush

:smiley: Hello!
To make a stop motion video I used Zbrush to create some animation.
Here’s my technique:



That is fantastic!!!
What a great idea!

That is pretty rad! Awesome work, very clever.

Can you please upload a tutorial how to do that ? :slight_smile: it will realy help us all,
I didnt understand much how to do it, and how to set the keyframes for each subtool, Anyway a tutorial would be awesome

Great #%$^&* idea :slight_smile:

keyframe03_image.jpgThanks all !

I’m thinking about a more advanced tutorial.

But the principle is to consider each SubTool like a sheet of paper or a layer. Exactly like the photoshop’s animated tool which allows you to scroll layers.

The Cameron Farn’s workflowabout Silhouette, associated with the dynamesh function and associated with this animation technique could be really interresting to use in the future :wink: