Keyboard shortcut code

Hi, I’ve noticed a keyboard shortcut of mine is “CTL + �cff9923” where � represents a blank (mojibake) character. Catchy, eh?
I eventually worked out it’s CTRL + DEL

My question is this: Is there a way to work out what cff9923 character represents without all the guesswork? I’m thinking unicode, but like working this out, it’s a stab in the dark.


What you’re seeing is just a comment which sometimes is incorrect (i.e. garbage). The actual keyboard code ZBrush uses is within the square brackets [ … ] Some are direct ASCII equivalents but it depends on your keyboard.

The key code will vary depending on your keyboard layout, so your “Delete” key won’t necessarily be the same as mine. For example, the Tilde key, which is supposed to scroll the canvas in wrap mode, won’t work for me and I have to use the @ key instead.

You can find the key code for a specific key by pressing a key and looking at the Preferences>Utilities>View Keyboad Status slider. Note that using a Modifier key will add that to the result:

Shift = 256
Ctrl = 512
Alt = 1024

And pressing the Modifiers on their own will likely add to the previous value. For example, pressing the Spacebar and then the Shift key will probably give you 288. (The Spacebar is 32.)


Slight confusion here. I’m referring to the text that you get when you hover over the button that you’ve applied the keyboard shortcut to. See the screenshot



Yeah, I assumed you were looking at the StartupHotkeys.txt file. This is the ZScripting Help Forum. :roll_eyes:

The same answer applies really. Some of the pop-up notes you get when the cursor is over an interface item can have some garbage like that, I think because of the move to Unicode.

I doubt if there’s any way to interpret it because it’s basically garbage. If it’s for a custom hotkey you’ll just have to remember it. The StartupHotkeys.txt file will probably have the wrong hotkey in the comments.

Ctrl+Þ (Thorn) is the text in the hotkeys file, but it’s unicode number in hex is 0xC3 0x9E (c39e). Close, but not banana.

Yes, I get much the same results for my tilde key.