Keep Calm And Spank A Poodle

Bad dream for Poodle, the fates have conspired agin him.

An image analysis for Marxists would suggest that the proletariat have risen. For Capitalist - market forces and the tastes of the day have prevailed.
For the rest of us it’s more reality tv , phoney politics, 50 shades of poodle and a quiet cave somewhere nice.

Love ya :slight_smile:
The Flooze



Hi Mark, another wonderful view of your world! I really love your work. :smiley: Keep em coming!

Cheers, David

Beautiful works in your gallery, very special and inspiring style :slight_smile:

Thank you David :slight_smile:
I’m not sure about keeping them coming as for the most part I am an infrequent frequenter.
It’s always a pleasure however to post a little work to say hello and catch up here from time to time.

Yours etc,

The Flooze

Aumakua , thank you most kindly and very much digging that wild Norseman you posted.


I suppose better to spank the poodle than the monkey…

Bless you good Sir for the praise in Gaelic.
Hope this finds thee well and hearty Mr Pride.

I really like your work, congratulations:+1:

Good seeing you Boozie :smiley: I prefer to think that the poodle is a masochist that has saved the bone from an earthy grave and the bone is paying him back. Feels like the old days whenever you post. Well done :):+1:

Love the sky and atmosphere BF, smashing.

And now I’m off to read 50 shades of Poodle.