Keanu Reeves - Cyberpunk 2077

Hi everyone, I just created my account here at ZBC, this is my first post here in the community.
Well, this is a model I made based on the character of Cyberpunk 2077 (Keanu Reeves).

pec keano_insta_02 keano_insta_03


This design really caught my eye! You really captured Keanu in this caricature. Superb work my friend.

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Got to agree with @captkiro Instantly recognizable Keanu Reeves! Another home run Gabriel​:clap::clap::clap: Your Freddie Mercury version is also top of the line​:grin:. Really like how they come out.
You drawing skills (2D) as well as your 3D are very good. I’m enjoying :wink:

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Just adore caricatures and you just nailed the overall look and feel of Keanu which is awesome and damn did the announcement of Keanu Reeves was not just announced some days ago and here you post a really stunning piece. Very inspiring buddy :slight_smile:
Looking forward seeing more caricatures from you. @Gabriel_Soares

Happy sculpting mate,
Kenny :slight_smile:

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Amazing work as always!!

Ficou demais cara, parabéns!

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@Jaime Many thanks Jaime, it’s great to know that my work is well received here, thanks for the support!

best regards!

Awesome Keanu Reeves
Rock on :metal:

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@Felipe_Mayer Muito obrigado, irmão! :pray:small_orange_diamond:sunglasses:

Olá @Gabriel_Soares tenho estado a desenhar algumas t-shirts para o Cyberpunk 2077 como esta rdbl.co/2wzzVi4 eu nao sei como enviar mensagem privada mas se for possivel deixa-me uma mensagem, tenho uma ideia :slight_smile:


I just found this amazing caricature whilst search for assest for a cyberpunk themed action platformer I am in the process of planning. I would love to use this character for cutscenes, perhaps in different poses. If you are willing that would be awesome, I am also willing to reimburse you for the use of the character as well.


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