Kaushik Saha's SketchBook

Hello Zbrushers,
I’m new into this forum and this is my first showcase of my work.
The model was prepared for a challenge theme ‘RAGE’ organized by all of our favorite Danny Williams (Point Pusher).
Below you can check out the reference, and as well as my presentation.
C & C are most welcome.
Thanks for watching :slight_smile:





this looks awesome
she needs more dynamic expression
notice the eyebrows and cheeky snarl intensity of the ref image

but the lighting and rendering smooth cell shady look is rad
did you use the posterize features of zbrush for that?

Her eyes look “derp” at the moment, and there is a really weird fold on her upper lip that makes it appear as if she is purposefully raising it, as if to make a comical face.
And by “derp,” I mean she looks like she has a lazy eye.

@BlackMath and @haz3y- thanks a lot for showing your interest on my work and pointing out the errors which will help me to improve my art in future.

I completely agree that she lacks dynamic expression, and from now on I will devote more time in studying expressions.
I never been into anime before this and I’m not so familiar with this art style, so I just made some quick approach to realize the difference between the regular (Muscular Hero’s and Deadly Monsters… haha! ). I was expecting to do this for a competition so I work on pressure and complete the piece at least up to texture. The above piece took me around 8hrs for completion, and this is not something satisfactory to make good art.
All I tried to explain my situation and not trying to be lazy :slight_smile: looking forward to upload many more stuffs from my work, and I hope you guys will always help me create a good foundation in 3D.

Thanks a lot
-Kaushik Saha

Hello Zbrushers,
I’ve been working on an Apocalypse Character from the past week and finally made it to completion. The model has been created within Maya and Zbrush. It has mostly hand painted textures, with few projections used on the face.
I thank you for taking your time in checking it out.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Really nice work! I always love to see the difference between the actual sculpt and the textured file (so many choices to be made). The finger tips look “weak” in the sculpt but textured you can’t even tell. What did you render the low res out in?

Thanks Arthaven :slight_smile:
I rendered out the low res model from zbrush itself using zspheres. I find there are lot to explore with textures, so I paid more interest on the textures for this guy

There are so many great concepts from Creature Box, and this is the one of my choice.
Looking forward to create few more of their stuffs.
I named this guy as TOONYCEROS.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Great creature box sculpt! and love the presentation

thanks Michael Milano, I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

From the concept of Carlos Haunte.
I did this piece for CGHUB Character Forge 3D Challenge 20.
I hope you like it.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Love what I see! :smiley:

Thanks SammehSAMURAI, keep loving :slight_smile:

Working on this big guy, looking forward to texture it.
Hope you like it.
Cheers :slight_smile:

I think this is great deff on the right path but if you look at any type of boot regardless of style, they all have a strong reinforced back of the heel of the boot which you are missing, this I believe is for support factors. That would be my only critique/personal preference that I can see. This kind of makes the boot almost blend in with the clothing of the pants, imo. Other than that GREAT JOB!

Working on this Fighter, started with a base mesh created in Maya and took it further in Zbrush.
I hope you like it.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Working on this Fighter Girl.
Hope you like it:)

Working on this Big Fighter.
Hope you like it.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Nice realy like it!!

Hi Zbrushers,
Here is a Monster Sculpt I was working from the past few days.
I hope you like it.
Thanks :slight_smile: