Katydid Model for VR

This is a katydid (Baribitistes vicentinus) model I created for a group of scientists working in Italy on an educational VR project. The project is funded by the European Social Fund. I modeled it in ZBrush, retopo and rig in Maya. Textures were created in subtsance Painter. Since this is a realtime VR project I had to keep the total poly count below 20K. I think this is 16,610 using 2 2K textures. Very pleased with how it came out, can’t wait to see the final VR project.

eric-keller-b-vicentinus-zbrush-01 eric-keller-b-vicentinus-zbrush-02 eric-keller-b-vicentinus-zbrush-03 eric-keller-b-vicentinus-zbrush-04


Came out super nice!

Always love the insects! These turn out amazing as always!