Kat's ZBrush Core Tutorials for Jewelry

I am working on some tutorials for jewelry for brand new users using ZBrush Core, and I’m very familiar with using regular ZBrush for jewelry. I have experience with other 3D modeling programs, and have done training for SketchUp (I am the voice of the official Toolbar videos when you go to the help pages) and other graphics programs.

This first one is how to make a medallion pendant, and discusses concepts like symmetry, adding subtools, using polygroups to isolate parts, resizing for printing in 3D.

I am printing these on a Formlabs Form 2 printer and casting, so I have both the CAD experience and jewelry casting and traditional waxworking experience. I’m adding sprues and supports in ZBrush with ZSpheres, and am a frequent contributor on the Formlabs forums.

I’ll have other ones coming, and will make them a little more formal with editing…this one is pretty much off the cuff.



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Great tutorial, I liked the Transpose tool and ‘Size’ deformation to scale the object into the desired size.

I really enjoyed that :slight_smile: I’ve been looking for the answer to real world scale for hours. Is that the only possible method inside core to see how big your object is for printing?

Hi, Kat.

It’s your new friend Rick Powell. As I mentioned before, I’m loving your tutorials and look forward to more. Have you posted any tutorials on making the sprues with zspheres that you mentioned here?

Hi Kat,

Thanks for sharing this informative video. Keep updating more videos on various ZBrush techniques.

Hi Kat,

I’ve just finished the zbrushcore tutorial that you did a while back. I just wanted to say good job - you’re one of the best at explaining zbrush that I’ve found so far, you’ve really helped my understanding. Please post some more tutorials if you get a chance,

Regards, Dan

Thanks for sharing such a detailed video. I’m new to modeling in ZBrush, but the process of texturing always gets me so involved in creating a model, thanks)