Here is my last work. It’s called Karma.

About 7 hours work(except the head)

Everything is ZBrush.Only the base cage of the head is done in XSI.


wow, I really think you did an excellent job with this! The expression on the face is really awesome! Looks like he is begging for help… I felt very sorry for the little guy. Anyway, great job!

whoa vladko-dude, that’s nice idea and shot:+1: I like it very much…:smiley:

Thank you girls and guys.:+1:

Very nice Vlad…
I don’t know what that mean… but … all is right, colors, lights and abstract subject. :+1:

Great !!! I love the patterns and materials.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Very cool, but now I have a Culture Club song running through my head. :o

Thanks man.

“Red, gold and green
Red, gold and green”

They look similar,dont they.:slight_smile: