Karam Gaber "The Warrior King"

Hello fellow artists, I would like to present to you my latest model and concept “The Egyptian Warrior King” as it is a very special project for me. The main idea behind this model was to create an imaginary character of the young king “Tutankhamon” as an adult warrior king, as he died young, while portraying his magnificent jewelry and weapons.
I used as a main reference to the body and likeness the Olympic Greco wrestler “Karam Gaber”, so this had a huge influence on the way I built his assets that were inspired by Greco-Roman period in Alexandria, Egypt. This was portrayed using elements like the belt and leather chest guards.

• The main concept I sketched out in photoshop to plan out the design and main elements of the character.
• The use of Horus as an element was also important alongside the sacred Egyptian scarab.
• For his dagger, I also used the infamous dagger from Tutankhamon’s treasure which was embroidered with stones that fell from an asteroid in the Siwa desert region in Egypt.
• Many Design elements I had implemented I took from existing designs. The vultures wings for example, which were used on the shin guards, were inspired by the goddess “Nekhbet” on a Sarcophagus
• For the helmet, I used the war helmet worn by pharaohs and added to it with the “uraeus” (snake) and the “vulture” elements of Tutankhamons helmet.
• The inspiration behind this project was to design an Egyptian character to be used in Ubisoft’s game For Honor (as it has characters with different historical backgrounds). So I had to follow some design elements to the original characters as well as sticking to the Game assets pipeline to output all of my baking and textures to be rendered in Marmoset viewer.I also added a pose similar to berserker the character I play with.
• This project a great opportunity to work on my skills using softwares like mari ,substance painter, Maya, Zbrush, Marmoset and Photoshop while putting the character in different poses to better show the assets.
• I also posed him in various poses and different light setups to show off the work I did on the project, as well as sculpting facial expressions to portray different emotions.
• A lot of anatomy study went in as well so I can remove bits and pieces or armour as attachments to the character or add to him as he progresses in his leveling up in the game.

Well…I hope you enjoy!!

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I think this is excellent technical work, but what I most appreciate about it is the extended commentary as to why and how you did various items.

yes!! thank you for taking the time to write a comment.
everything was built for a reason and i also collected lots of refrences from the egyptian museum here in cairo!!
later this week i will post a breakdown on the props.
the fact that all of this is realtime rendered made it very hard to finish but am happy i got through with it

Thank you for sharing with us your story lines. Gorgeous result! :+1:

thanks for your comment jaime!!