Kangrinboqe Warrior

I would like to present my personal real time project that I have been working in my free time. The main idea this time was to further explore and create a fantasy character as most of my earlier work was based on realism. Being a huge fan of World of Warcraft, had a inclination towards working on a Orc/ Barbarian/ Warrior kind of character.
After lot of research I freezed on to this great concept art by Yin Yuming can be viewed here - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ZPlRm . I loved the concept as it had lot of scope in terms of fur, weapons, other accessories & post fx. All in all complete look of the character :grin:. I have to mention the blue skin of the character too.

HIghpoly completely done in zbrush & textures done in the substance painter.
composition in photoshop
Renders taken from marmoset.
Hope you guys like it.




very cool piece.

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Yup, this is in-deed a very cool piece!

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thanks jaime