Kang from the Simpsons

Hey everyone,

Here's my interpretation of Kang from the Simpsons... Rendered out with Zbrush and then brought into Photoshop for the composite. ![kang.jpg|1200x2136](upload://ekhuSmFBkCU0Nk1SXwEErBn6ZXb.jpeg)

ahaha love it!^^

Thanks pappete :D, there are still a couple of spots I like to spend a little more time on but other than that I’ll be starting the texture next.

I absolutely love this. Keep up the good work!

Thanks alfonsopyro, I should have some more to show at the end of this week. Created some UV’s and working on the texture now.

looks too much like kodos :smiley:
i like it, you should add the slime saliva in the mouth, that would really sell it

Hey Everyone,

I was testing out some different ways to create eyes for my character within Zbrush.

What I did was create two separate parts for the eye. One for the iris and eyeball, and one for the cornea of the eye.

I then used transparency on the cornea to achieve the reflections I was looking for along with a hint of color and refraction… Let me know what you think!

Brought into photoshop for the composite.


Definitely gives Me Some thought on approaching something like this., Very Nice.

Here’s my Zbrush render of Kang from the Simpsons with textures applied.
Composite done in photoshop.

Very nice. This cracked me up when I saw it.

groovy, glad to see him get painted. Could you happen to the “how to cook for forty humans” book from treehouse of horrors 2 for him to hold facing the viewers?

This is awesome! And not because I am an insane simpsons fan either :wink: