Kahuturoa, for Path of Exile

I recently had the honour to make this character and his tribe members, Kahuturoa, for the Trial of the Ancestors League in Path of Exile. All sculpting and modelling was done in Zbrush. As someone from a Maori background, I was able to reference art and carvings from my childhood while carving the armour and weapons, which lends very well to the Karui faction ingame. Textured images are of the final ingame model.



Superb!!! :sunglasses::+1::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:!!!


Epic work man! great colour way at the end too! I’ve been wanting to try translating whakairo in zbrush for ages now but am pretty unexperienced beyond basic sculpting. Mind if I ask what workflow/ tools you found useful to achieve this? Much appreciated!

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Tena koe bro! I mostly used some pretty basic Zbrush brushes, and brute forced it used dynamesh and Zremesher. Main brushes used were clay buildup, dam standard, smooth stronger for higher polycount, hpolish, and trim dynamic. I basically sketched things out using clay buildup brush, and refined them using all the others. Hope that helps, and feel free to message me either here or on Insta if you have any more questions!

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Damn! respect! yeah was wondering how to get an organic pākati, and the easiest way to keep all those individual sections clean. Just gotta stop over thinking it and get into it eh! Thanks for the insights man.

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